DREAMPRO - Musclegen Research
DREAMPRO - Musclegen Research
DREAMPRO - Musclegen Research


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DREAM PRO® by MuscleGen Research, Inc. 

Core Matrix Series

Feed, build and sustain lean muscle throughout the night with DREAM PRO®. Perfect for fueling the body with 3 high-quality proteins throughout the night, DREAM PRO® keeps you nourished and your body in a constant state of repair and growth. The industries most unique, sleep inducing blend (SANDMAN) is a combination of CBD, Melatonin and L-Tryptophan. Reap all of the health benefits of CBD and let the Sandman blend help you drift off to a relaxing night of sleep without feeling groggy the next morning. 

  • 3 High-Quality Protein Sources
  • 5g of BCAAs
  • Strategic Vitamin Blend
  • Low calorie 
  • Sustained Release Protein (Lasts up to 8 hours)
  • SANDMAN Blend to help you drift off to sleep

DREAM PRO® fuels your muscles when you can’t. During extended periods of time without protein, like between meals or when you’re asleep, your muscles still need to be fed. DREAM PRO® is developed to deliver a slow, steady stream of 3 different proteins, so your muscles get the protein they need to build and recover.

Train, Sleep, Eat & Grow with
 DREAM PRO®!!!!!!!!