VASO DX - Musclegen Research
VASO DX - Musclegen Research
VASO DX - Musclegen Research


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Are you addicted to the pump? Do you love that skin splitting
feeling that just puts you in the zone?!! Experience insane
muscle pumps and energy throughout your entire workout and
watch how easy it is to conquer the weight room with VASO
DX by Musclegen! VASO DX is a stimulant free nitric oxide
booster that will help produce massive muscle pumps with
prolonged spikes in blood and oxygen delivery! Musclegen
Research has designed VASO DX as an unflavored
preworkout/intraworkout, and it can be used as a standalone
pre workout or an addition to any pre workout or creatine
supplement. Make sure you are fully equipped for war
because there can only be one survivor. You or the weights,
you choose. Get VASO DX by today and dominate the battle
● Muscle Pumps
● Insane Vascularity
● Increased Energy
● Stimulant Free
● Increase Blood Flow
● Oxygen Sparing