PSYCHOSIS X - Musclegen Research
PSYCHOSIS X - Musclegen Research
PSYCHOSIS X - Musclegen Research


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PSYCHOSIS X by MuscleGen Research, Inc.

Does your pre-workout supplement facts read like this: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, AND CAFFEINE? If this sounds like your pre-workout, then it probably means you have a product with a lot of filler ingredients and that is lacking a PUNCH!

Meet Psychosis X! This effervescent delight boasts high quality DMAE and medical grade niacin; stronger than that stuff your buddy told you to take! And it does not stop there; we packed Psychosis X in easy to grab individual serving packs. No more digging for the scoop or dumping powder everywhere!!!!!


  • No mix fizz action delivery
  • Explosive Energy
  • Supports Enhanced Endurance
  • Promotes Laser Focus
  • Crazy Pumps and Vascularity 
  • Delicious Lime-aid fizz flavor 

**This product is not for the stimulant sensitive population. This will cause intense flushing and pumps that will make most of the world uncomfortable. You have been warned!!!!