BCAA - Musclegen Research
BCAA - Musclegen Research


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BCAA by Musclegen Research, Inc.

Keep your muscle mass and strip your body of stubborn body fat!


One of the major concerns with dropping body fat is dropping muscle mass as well.


Preserve your muscle mass and increase your fat loss with Oligiopeptide bonded amino acids of BCAA by MGen!


MGen utilizes an innovative technology that bonds your amino acids to Agmatine Sulfate to help enhance your body’s ability to utilize them, helping to improve your muscle recovery, protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown.


Keep your muscle and drop your fat with the aid BCAA! Get it Now!


Key Benefits of BCAA

  - Helps Increase Protein Synthesis*

  - Helps Decrease Protein Catabolism*

  - Promotes Increased Strength*

  - Helps Reduce Body Fat*

  - Promotes Insulin Sensitivity*

  - Helps Enhance Recovery*