2019 New Boxing Punch Exercise Fight Ball React Reflex Ball Hott Portable Fitness Equipment Training ball Gift For friend 6|Punching Balls & Speed Balls

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2019 New Boxing Punch Exercise Fight Ball React Reflex Ball Hott

Product selling point

  • Please always keep the chin tucked and keep the forehead face forward to ensure a good fighting position

  • The ball consists of a rubber ball connection to the intro of an elastic string. You put a bandage on his head and started to hit the ball.

  • The harder to hit the ball, the faster it comes back. Trajectory of the ball depends on the point of your kick. You must have time to react to the ball and hit it or leave.

  • Good for your health: Exercising is good for your body and mind. Perfect training workout tool for many muscle groups.

  • Gently hit the ball downwards at the beginning and slowly adapt to the boxing speed and boxing skills later. Beginners can practice with boxing gloves due to the great difficulty.


  • Product Name: Boxing Reaction Training Ball

  • Color: black,gules

  • Product size: ball diameter 60MM; headband length 680MM; width 38MM

  • Head circumference: minimum adjustment head circumference 460MM, maximum adjustment head circumference 600MM

Package included:

  • 1 x Boxing Speed Ball

  • 1 x Head Band